Cheese Plate (for one)

  • $19.65 inclusive
  • Assorted Cheese Plate serves one person

A small plate with a variety of cheeses.

A plate of a variety of cheeses.

Cheese Plate with Fruit (for one)

  • $27.42 inclusive
  • Assorted Cheese Plate with Fresh Fruit, serves one person

Cheese Plate (for two)

  • $25.20 inclusive
  • Assorted Cheese Plate, serves two people

A large plate with a variety of cheeses.

A plate with cheese and fruit.

Cheese Plate with fruit (for two)

  • $36.30  inclusive
  • Assorted Cheese Plate with fresh fruit, serves two people

Wine with Lowcountry Local Cheese & Crackers

  • $52.95 inclusive
  • House Wine with Herbed Split Creek Farms Goat Cheese, Pimento Cheese, Red Grapes and Pecans. (Choose one: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot)

A plate with cheeses and grapes. A bottle of wine and two wine glasses site behind the plate.

A square plate with crostinis, two different jams and a cheese in the middle.

All Things Local (Seasonal)

  • $47.40 inclusive
  • Split Creek Goat Cheese, Red Pepper Jelly, Candied Lady’s Island Pecans, Seasonal Fruit Compote & Benne Waffers

A square plate with a variety of meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie Plate 

  • $47.40 inclusive
  • Select Cured Artisan Meats, Grilled Asparagus, Olives, Cheese, Dried Fruit & Crostinis 

Simply Sweet

  • $11.88 inclusive
  • Two Bottled Waters & Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Four chocolate covered strawberries sit on a small rectangular plate. Two small water bottles sit behind the plate.

Four chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of wine and tow glasses.

Bubbles and Berries

  • $41.85 inclusive
  •  Kenwood Yulupa Sparkling Wine and Chocolate Covered Strawberries


  • 1 Box of Callie’s Cheese Crisps, 1 petite box SC Praline Pecans, 1 box of Francis Marion Hotel Chocolates, 2 Bottles of Water
  • $36. 30 inclusive

A box is opened and two water bottles with a small jar and a bag that says cheese crisps sits inside.

A plate of cookies and a glass of milk

Cookies & Milk

  • 19.65 inclusive
  • Homemade Cookies Served with ice cold Hickory Hill Milk

Local Beer & Nut Snack

  • Two Charleston Beers w/ Nut Snack Mix..……………………..$16.32
  • Four Charleston Beers w/ Nut Snack Mix……………….………$31.86

A small bowl of trailmix and two cans of beer sit on a table.

Francis Marion Romance

Rewined Candle, Bottle of Francis Marion Hotel House Wine (Choice of: Chardonnay/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot)


Charleston Kids Story Time

Joseph’s Charleston Adventure Book, Sly the stuffed toy foy, Benne wafers


Charleston Beer Enthusiast

Charleston Beer Book, Francis Marion Hotel logo bottle opener


Option to Add on a Beer from the Swamp Fox Restaurant: $8.55

Francis Marion Lowcountry Wine Lover

1 Francis Marion Hotel logo stem less wine glass, Francis Marion Hotel logo wine opener


Option to add a bottle of FMH wine from the Swamp Fox for $34.08