1. Why the Francis Marion Hotel?
    “The Francis Marion hotel embodies Charleston. I came from a more corporate background and I’m attracted to the smaller, tight-knit feel of this property. I get to be more involved in all aspects of my career as a wedding sales manager and start to really establish that as well. It’s also just a really precious property!”

  3. What’s a typical work week like for you?
    “My work week is from Tuesday-Saturday. Tuesdays I usually recap from the week prior and start to plan for the following week ahead & really focus on the wedding room blocks we may have. A better way for me to break it down would be like this-15% is me actually executing the wedding, 25% would be the selling aspect, so having site visits with potential brides, meeting with perspective wedding planners & brides. 60% would be dedicated to meeting with actual booked weddings, laying out the banquet menus and just really ironing out all the details. Each week is really different and it’s a variety of people I get to meet with each week and day. I really love that about my job.

  5. What is your favorite wedding trend you’ve been seeing right now?
    “I love when I see Charleston tied into a couples’ wedding. Almost half of our weddings we have are destination weddings so it’s really neat to see them tie in Charleston into their day. Even when a bride and groom may live in town but all their friends and family are traveling here for their wedding it’s really fun to see them show how Charleston is a part of their story. I also love when couples tie in something unique and specific to them as a couple. A recent bride and groom incorporated the places they had traveled together on their table displays. It was really sweet to see them include that on their wedding day.”

  7. What is the most rewarding part of your job?
    “Seeing the couple when they walk back down the aisle if they host their ceremony here. Or seeing them return from the venue their ceremony was held would be the most rewarding part for me. It’s kind of all business feeling up until that point so it’s kind of an emotional moment and a huge weight feels like it has been lifted for everyone involved.”

  9. What’s your best piece of advice for a new bride?
    “Take time with your fiancé to really figure out what you two want for your wedding. Don’t get too caught up in making everyone else happy. Plan for yourselves. Really enjoy and relish in your engagement, too. At the end of it all, it’s the two of you.”