We have the ability to host both your wedding ceremony in the same ballroom as the wedding dinner, for a small room rental charge.

We hold the ceremony in half of the ballroom, while a draping wall covers up the other half of the ballroom. On the hidden half, we stage your dinner tables. After the ceremony, your guests step outside of the ballroom to the cocktail hour space, while my staff transforms the ballroom to the dinner and dancing set up. After cocktail hour, your guests step into a completely different looking ballroom.

There are many benefits to doing this:

  1. You and your guests do not need to drive and park at two different venues.
  2. You can reuse the same décor, flowers and chairs for both events.
  3. Everyone and everything stays at one place in one room.

Here are examples of how we set up our three ballrooms for ceremony:


Gold Ballroom

Colonial Ballroom

Carolina Ballroom