By: John Williams

There are plenty of places to explore when visiting Charleston. Known as the largest and oldest city in the state of South Carolina, Charleston holds a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. You’ll find vast plantations, historic architecture, and plenty of old native trees that will take your breath away. Visitors love to walk the cobblestone streets that have tremendous views of Charleston Harbor as well. There are many hidden gems scattered throughout the Charleston area that have their own unique history. Make sure to check out these historic neighborhoods in Charleston that you must visit on your next trip.

Upper King

Visitors seeking a locals feel for Charleston should check out the Upper King neighborhood. King Street is the place to be if you want to be in the heart of what Charleston has to offer. This spot features a good mix of residents that have created a modern and fun community. You’ll find excellent nightlife spots after sunset as well as brimming new restaurants eager to welcome a crowd.

The star of Upper King is Marion Square which is a city park that sits on 6 acres of land. Plenty of people use the park to walk their dog, hang out with friends, or stop by the farmer’s market. Upper King is also home to many high-end festivals making it a top neighborhood to visit. Consider a stay at the Francis Marion Hotel located steps from the park for an up close and personal view of this popular neighborhood.

South of Broad

Horse-drawn carriages and gorgeous views of the water await you in the South of Broad neighborhood. This spot is that closest to the Charleston Harbor with some of the most expensive real estate in town. South of Broad is a great place to go when visiting Charleston for the first time. You’ll find plenty of other tourists checking out the sights and enjoying the harbor. Take a walk down The Battery and soak up the sun on a warm day. Historic homes line the neighborhood making this an exciting place to see the rich history that made Charleston what it is today.


Located in historic downtown Charleston, Cannonborough and Elliotborough are known for being relaxing. You’ll find unique places to eat that range from local bakeries to the ultimate in fine dining. The neighborhood’s laid-back atmosphere includes offbeat shops and community gardens. Both old and new homes are part of this mix of neighborhoods making it a nice spot to visit while in town.

Harleston Village

Students and long-time residents alike call Harleston Village home. This historic downtown neighborhood is home to one of the best college campuses, the College of Charleston. You’ll find exciting and trendy shops that cater to students with cozy coffee shops and shopping. Take a tour of campus to see native century-old oak trees hung with incredible Spanish moss for a perfect afternoon outdoors. Harleston Village is one of the most diverse neighborhoods of the area making it a great stop anytime.

French Quarter

If you’re looking for fantastic architecture and a romantic atmosphere, look no further than the French Quarter in Charleston. Surrounded by French architecture, like St. Philip’s Episcopal Church and the French Huguenot Church. Pursue an art gallery stroll or a take in a show at the historic Doc Street Theatre. Waterfront Park is another main attraction here you don’t want to miss with beautiful views of the harbor and the Pineapple fountain.

Getting outside to tour Charleston is the best way to learn more about the city. You’ll find historic neighborhoods, upbeat college campus spots, and plenty of century-old oak trees to appreciate. Tour the area and learn about all these historic neighborhoods in Charleston that you must visit while in town.

John Williams is an outdoor living expert and explorer. When he’s not traveling to nature’s most well-known beauty spots, he tends to the greenery surrounding his home.