270 King Street; http://www.riverstreetsweets.com/

I celebrated my advocacy for fair trade nuts and healthy living by visiting Market Street Sweets on KING STREET.   Pecans are my favorite go-to nut, but I never expected to find such a mouth-watering assortment of treats.  Glazed pecans, praline pecans, sugar “n” spice pecans, yummy pralines (sugar, cream & pecans all mixed together), fluffy nougat & pecan log rolls, hand-pulled peanut brittle and divinity.

Of course my favorite is the bear claws covered in dark, milk or white chocolate, with the best-tasting caramel ever.  Big, thick and oh-so delicious.  I don’t know which bear friend of mine thought this up, but I’m suspecting it was Teddy.  Hum…