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So I don’t know if y’all heard, but my hotel celebrated its 90th Birthday this past week.  Happy Birthday, Francis Marion Hotel!  The celebration had me feeling a little nostalgic for the Roaring 20’s, so I trotted on down to Prohibition.  Now, even though I didn’t see Al Capone or any dancing flappers, I did manage to get my paws on some fine hooch! Prohibition crafts each of their cocktails with house infused liquors, bitters, and fresh berries.  You certainly can’t go wrong with the bacon maple old fashion.

The only thing that made my experience better were the Béarnaise Fries.  YUM!! A little later I ordered Molly Pitcher’s Pork Chop Skillet which was all dolled up with a ginger peach glaze and a golden duck egg!  I also got a bite of the Capone Burger, which was pretty fantastic too!  All in all, next time I’m ready for a good cocktail and light fare, I’m heading back to the only speakeasy on King Street.  Why not join me?