Don’t miss downtown’s Waterfront Park, with its unbeatable views and 1000 ft. walkway & pier along Charleston Harbor.

The Pineapple Fountain heralds a welcome to all lowcountry visitors, but the splash fountain is loved by all children, who enjoy playing in it on hot summer days.   Sit on one of several family-sized swings on the pavilion and watch ships come and go.  I enjoy a picnic lunch (peanut butter & jelly, of course) in one of the beautifully designed shady garden areas, whenever my busy schedule allows.

 Do you know why pineapples are a symbol of hospitality?  Legend has it that over 150 years ago when sailors returned home to Charleston, from the West Indies, they would often bring tropical fruit. Pineapples were then hung over the door to signal that the man of the house was home and the family could accept visitors.  So…welcome y’all and enjoy!