One of my favorite items to have at a wedding is a candy display! Mainly because I have a major sweet tooth. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your reception or use as a fun favor for your guest.

 Here are some great ways to help you decide how to get started.

*Choose candy that color coordinates with your wedding. If your colors are orange and pink, use different shades of each color to make your table pop. Use different size containers to display your candy in such as glass jars with ribbon, wooden boxes, or vases. Have fun with it!

*Choose candies that were your childhood favorites or that the two of you love to eat. This is a good way to showcase your personalities.

*Choose candy that is locally made in your town. Charleston has some great local treats such as benne wafers, pralines, and locally made chocolates from Sweeteeth. See what your town has available.

*Mix in different sweets such as kettle corn, a variety of cookies, or mini donuts. You can really let your imagination run wild.