525 King Street; http://magnifilous.com/

Toys, Toys, Toys!  Just in time for Christmas.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop by Charleston’s newest toy store, Magnifilous Toy Emporium on Upper King Street, you have no idea what you’re missing.  Their emphasis is on unique, quality built, long lasting imaginative toys for all ages (for pets too)!

Put a quarter in the Nickelodeon from the 1840s and listen while you shop.  A mini carousel imported from Spain and a giant K’Nex Ferris wheel round out the exciting decor.  My favorite is the seven-foot tall gumball machine.  As you can see, I met many friendly stuffed animals while riding on Noah’s Arc.  But the real fun is just watching all the visiting children’s look of awe.

The minute you walk in you’ll know you’re in a magical place–for this holiday season and beyond.  Happy shopping!